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  • Pere, Adam M. (2013-09-17)
    The Internet is a relatively new phenomenon that has completely morphed the modern world. Living on a college campus, I almost never nd myself in a room without access to the Internet and social media. I, along with ...
  • French, Richard K. (2013-09-17)
    For millenia, we've thought of musical composition as a purely human activity. However, we once also thought of an activity like chess to be purely human, but Deep Blue was able to defeat Kasparov in 1995 all the same. ...
  • Kuehn, Tim (2013-01-10)
    Evolutionary algorithms have had success in designing complex objects, ranging from antennae used in NASA's Space Technology 5 mission to astronomical telescope lenses. However, evolutionary design is limited by the ability ...
  • DeFina, Thomas (2013-01-10)
    Technological advancement is a driving influence in the development of today’s culture. Upon the creation of electronic videogames, gaming has allowed players to not only experience new ideas previously unheard of in a ...
  • Tunison, Paul J. (2011-07-27)
    Every one wants to play a fun game, but ”fun” is a subjective quality. Flow, a psychological theory to define what ”fun” is, states that, for an activity to be considered fun, the challenge it presents must correlate ...

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