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  • Burns, Adam D. (2013-09-19)
    This research and development undertaking during the senior year is a culmination of undergraduate study at Union College and is an opportunity to put knowledge gained to use. The purpose of ...
  • Smolen, Zak D. (2013-09-17)
    The purpose of this project is to redesign a currently available electric training tool for the sport of fencing in order to fix several existing faults such as cost and power use. The second stage of this project uses ...
  • Mendelsohn, Dan (2011-07-27)
    A Sophomore Research Seminar(SRS)at Union College teaches about usability science, the study of designing interfaces that allow the user to accomplish a given task with less time and frustration. In this context, an ...
  • Dorin, Camila (2011-07-27)
    The purpose of my senior project was to design and build a system that provides GPS capabilities to the iPod touch. The system is used in conjunction with an iPod application, giving skiers the possibility to have access ...
  • Brown, David D. (2010-09-06)
    Assume there exists information in past data that relates to future trends. This is the case with our physical world. It allows physics models to predict exactly how fast an apple will fall. With historical data in the ...

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